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Car Rental Rhodes

North Rhodes with your rental car

North Rhodes with your rental car

Are you excited for a fantastic day trip to the north of Rhodes? We'll guide you through all the must-see spots, and don't forget how convenient it is to have a rental car in Rhodes for this adventure.

Rhodes Town - The medieval wonder

Our journey begins in the city of Rhodes, home to the best preserved medieval city in Europe. You can walk through the tiny, historic streets and step back in time. Explore museums such as the Palace of the Grand Master, where knights once lived. You can also shop for souvenirs and see the Mandraki Harbour, where the famous statue of the Colossus of Rhodes once stood.

Kallithea Springs - Romantic Paradise

Next, we go to Piges Kallithea, a place with a romantic atmosphere. The Italians reconstructed these hot springs and they are impressive with mosaic floors and palm trees. You can have a leisurely lunch or enjoy a cool drink in this beautiful bay.

Anthony Queen Bay - Relax and snorkel

Anthony Queen Bay is our next stop, a perfect place to relax and snorkel. In the busy months, it can get crowded, but in the early or late season, it's much quieter. The calm waters are ideal for swimming and sunbathing, and are protected from strong winds.

Tsabika beach - finish on a good note

To end your fantastic day, head to Tsambika Beach, where you can relax after sightseeing and shopping. The beach has soft, clean sand and shallow waters, perfect for relaxing. With your rental car you can easily get there and enjoy well-earned relaxation.

To make your day easy and enjoyable, consider renting a car in Rhodes. It is like your magic key to explore all these amazing places without any stress.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore northern Rhodes. Take great pictures, dive into history and enjoy the comfort of your rental car. For more information and an easy way to plan this fantastic day trip, follow the link below. Have fun!

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