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A relaxing day trip to South Rhodes with your Rental Car

A relaxing day trip to South Rhodes with your Rental Car

Get ready for a great day out as you embark on a road trip to the stunning south side of Rhodes. This is made easy with an easy car rental in Rhodes. This trip will take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the island.

Lindos - A Greek Dream

Your adventure begins with a wonderful drive to the charming town of Lindos. Renting your car in Rhodes makes it simple. As you arrive, you'll see classic Greek island scenes: beautiful white houses with blue doors, narrow streets filled with colourful flowers and stunning views of the deep blue Aegean Sea. Lindos has more to offer, including two beautiful bays. Lindos beach is ideal for families with its sandy shores and shallow, warm waters. The bay of Agios Pavlos is ideal for snorkelling with its crystal clear waters. Don't miss the Acropolis, an ancient Greek city overlooking the village and the bays. You can easily spend three hours or a whole day exploring Lindos.

A quiet break on the beach with the convenience of car rental.

After Lindos, it's time to relax on one of Rhodes' beautiful southern beaches, which is easily done with a car rental in Rhodes. You can choose Glistra beach or any other beach that catches your attention. Follow the small streets to discover hidden gems. Take your time to explore some and pick your favorite. It is the perfect place to rest after Lindos.

Prasonisi Beach - a surfer's paradise

Heading south, you will reach Prassonisi beach. Car rental in Rhodes is the only way to reach the area. This is a unique place with two beaches - one windswept and wavy, the other calm. The color of the waters varies from deep blue to a beautiful blue, and is slightly warmer. Surfers love Prasonisi and it is a must-see for water sports enthusiasts.

A final stop at the beach

If time allows on your return, consider one more beach stop, thanks to your car rental in Rhodes. Agathi Beach or another beautiful spot can be your last relaxing stop before you complete your road trip.

For more details and easy navigation, click on the link below to explore our digital travel guide with Google Maps or Apple Maps. Renting your car in Rhodes is your ticket to this unforgettable adventure in the stunning south of Rhodes. Enjoy your day on the road!

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