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Car Rental Rhodes


Get ready for an island adventure like no other on captivating Rhodes with the Smart for two Cabriolet Automatic. This compact convertible redefines your exploration experience with its unparalleled flexibility, impressive fuel efficiency, and the added benefit of easy parking.

  • Convertible Freedom: The Smart for two Cabriolet Automatic offers the unique experience of open-air driving, allowing you to savor Rhodes' beauty and climate at your whim.
  • Effortless Island Drive: Enjoy the convenience of an automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth and carefree journey through Rhodes' scenic landscapes.
  • Fuel Efficiency Champion: The Smart for two Cabriolet Automatic boasts remarkable fuel efficiency, making your island exploration not only flexible but also budget-friendly.
  • Compact Versatility: With its small size, this convertible is perfect for city streets and island escapades, offering a ride that's as flexible as your sense of adventure.
  • Easy Parking: Maneuver and park your Smart for two Cabriolet with ease, ensuring you always find the perfect spot.