Car Rental Rhodes


Get ready for a sun-soaked island adventure on captivating Rhodes with the Mini Cabriolet Automatic. This iconic convertible redefines your exploration experience with its open-top design and the perfect blend of style and substance.

  • Open-Top Freedom: Experience the thrill of open-air driving as you bask in the warm Rhodes sun, turning your journey into an exhilarating and liberating island escape.
  • Stylish Presence: The Mini Cabriolet Automatic exudes style and character, ensuring you make a statement on Rhodes' scenic roads with its distinctive charm.
  • Effortless Island Drive: Enjoy the convenience of an automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth and carefree journey through Rhodes' winding roads.
  • Compact and Comfortable: Step inside to discover a compact yet comfortable cabin that complements the character of the Mini Cabriolet, enhancing the pleasure of your island exploration.